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  • Coconut Bowls Gift Guide 2021

    It's the best time of the year to get your loved ones a gift. Whether it's for a loved one who's already super eco conscious or a friend that is yet to start their sustainable journey - we've got the perfect gift to suit either situation and make you feel twice a good about giving this year! 
  • 4 Delicous + Easy Vegan Recipes

    We made it so easy for you, Coco Fam! Here are the most simplest of recipes that tastes like a keeper. So be sure to let us know once you recreate any of these recipes! 
  • Our 5 Fave Fall Desserts

    Fall is here, and we're so excited to finally enjoy our favourite fall desserts! Get your Coconut Bowls ready, and prepare to make the most delicious desserts to devour this time of the year. 
  • Autumnal 'What I Eat in a Day' Recipes

    Autumn has arrived in the US + EU and this video is a testament to the start of this cosy season. Here are 3 delicious recipes to create in your Coconut Bowls this week!
  • Burrito Bowl - A Whole Food Recipe

    Nourishing and tasty Burrito Bowl. Packed with whole foods like veggies, brown rice, black beans, and drizzled with an olive oil lime dressing. Make this bowl in 25 minutes or less and customize it by adding vegetables you already have in your refrigerator.

    This month we are turning are focus to all things health, so we are teaming up with our good friends at Vegan Bowls, the number 1 vegan recipe platform to inspire you on our collaborative 10 days of Whole Foods Challenge! 

    As an additional resource we asked the very clever Richa from @deliciously.earthy to create some simple but incredibly DELICIOUS recipes for you to create at home using nothing but whole foods. Read along to see how easy, bright and beautiful your meals can be.  

    Find out how you can eat, move and rest...better for a happier, healthier you like plant based nutritionists Stancyzk's.
  • 5 Kid Smoothie and Smoothie Bowl Recipes

    We know that smoothies are nutritional powerhouses, but it's not always the easiest task to get your kids to eat their fruit and veg! 

    We have sourced 5 kid friendly smoothie & smoothie bowl recipes that we know your kids can't resist. 
  • A Coco Mother's Day Meal Plan

    This Mother’s Day, celebrate Mom with a few of our fave Coco recipes! With these quick and easy nourishing recipes, you’ll love spending the day welcoming light, love and nature into your home! Whether surprising her with a nourishing breakfast in bed, a Coco picnic treat with the fam, or a 3-course meal to cook together, we have you covered!
  • #SIPSUSTAINABLY with these On-The-Go Smoothies

    Here are our top 5 smoothies that you can bring along to wherever you must go, Coco Fam! On-The-Go Smoothies are perfect for individuals that are always busy in the mornings. Whether it's for school, work, business or family, be sure to always nourish yourself with nutrient-packed smoothies that are easy to consume. 
  • Five Choco Loco Coco Bowls

    Chocolate, in any shape or form, will surely satisfy your sweet cravings. That's why we have collected our top five chocolate smoothie recipes for you to devour whenever a craving hits. 
  • Top 5 Salad Bowls for the Summer

    We've collected our top five favourite savoury salads that you, our Coco Community will surely enjoy, so bookmark this list and get your grocery list ready - you'll surely love this recipe collection as much as we do!