5 Kid Smoothie and Smoothie Bowl Recipes

We know that smoothies are nutritional powerhouses, but it's not always the easiest task to get your kids to eat their fruit and veg! 

We have sourced 5 kid friendly smoothie & smoothie bowl recipes that we know your kids can't resist. 

1. quick and easy vanilla protein shake. 
 Earthy Andy Vanilla Protein Shake
2. Vibrantly eye catching this pink pitaya & passionfruit smoothie bowl recipe is packed with immune boosting vitamin c. 
Caitey Got Plants Pitaya Bowl
3. Nobody can go past a classic, not even the kiddies. Simple and delicious açai bowl smoothie  
Raw and Free Acai Bowl
4. The taste of summer, mango & pineapple smoothie with a small amount of ginger for warmth & tiny tummy digestion. 

My Smoothie Life Tropical Smoothie
5. The secret to getting your kids to eat more veg, blend it with something naturally sweet & delicious. 
My Smoothie Life Green Smoothie
Slurping all the way to the very last drop, we guarantee your bowls will be left clean with some very happy healthy kiddies.