Coconut Bowls Gift Guide 2021


It's the best time of the year to get your loved ones a gift. Whether it's for a loved one who's already super eco conscious or a friend that is yet to start their sustainable journey - we've got the perfect gift to suit either situation and make you feel twice a good about giving this year! 

To make it easy for you to decide, we have just launched our eco-friendly gift packs! Combos perfect for couples, a starter kit for your best-friend or a cookbook and candle for your Mum!

The Coco Combo is our number one gift for couples and your besties. It comes with two bowls and two spoons — perfect for date nights or to share a meal with a friend. 



Who doesn't love a cookbook and a candle? For your Mum, sister or aunt who loves relaxation, our candles — which come in three scents — will surely be her favourite. Combine this with our award winning Vegan Bowls cookbook with over hundred plant-based recipes, she will have something delicious to cook every day of the week!



The simple starter pack to give to your teens or to anyone who would love to explore and experience sustainable living. Did you know every Coconut Bowl is reclaimed from discarded coconut shells that would otherwise end up in landfill? Surprise that special someone with this beautiful bowl, spoon and fork combo.



Last but not the least, our Best Selling Ultimate Bundle. Packed with 17 of our best-selling products for under $100 you truly can't go wrong. This bundle is a wonderful gift for anyone — even for yourself!

Whether you already have a family or you just love entertaining, this collection is enough to call family and friends over for a sustainable picnic or  a plant-based barbecue party. The best part every item is packed in plastic-free packaging ready to place under your tree!