Sweet Treats and Snacks

  • Chocolate & Dulce de Leche Popsicles

    Say goodbye to store-bought ice cream popsicles, because you can now make your own at home. This decadent dessert is chocolatey and irresistible that it's hard to stop at one!
  • Chocolate Nut Cookies with Granola Butter

    Decadent and irresistible. These cookies have everything you're asking for in a good cookie! Chocolate chunks, nuts and chocolate filling. We used our Chocolate Coconut Granola Butter or that gooey center!
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites

    Flavoured with chocolate and pumpkin, these bars are the perfect fall treat. Be sure to chill them long enough in the fridge so they will stay in one piece once sliced. Enjoy with a topping of fresh lemon zest for an extra tangy kick.
  • Granola Butter Fudge Cups

    Dessert? Breakfast? How about both! These delicious choco fudge cups are rich in complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein! Filled with Granola Butter goodness, each bite will make you want for more.
  • Choc Caramel Drops

    These scrumptious choc balls will be your new favourite snack in-between meals. They are decadent, sweet and gooey. The appetizing caramel in the center is adds just the perfect sweetness.
  • Strawberry Sorbet

    Escape the heat with this delicious and guilt-free strawberry sorbet! It's got a slight tropical taste to it, thanks to the pineapples! Each bite melts in your mouth, and will make you want for more.
  • Chocolate Bliss Balls

    Sweet and tasty treat that only needs 5 basic ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry! It's refined sugar-free and naturally sweetened with dates.
  • Raw Vegan Donut Holes

    The infamous donut holes made plant-based and healthy! The creamy cashew filling is a must for an element of surprise and delight. 
  • Ferrero Rocher Bliss Balls

    Love the flavours of Ferrero Rocher? You can now make them at home in a form of a bliss balls! It's a healthier version that's guilt-free to have everyday as is or on top of your favourite smoothies and nice creams! 
  • Almond Peanut Butter Balls

    Eat healthy while enjoying a decadent dessert with this almond and pb balls! Sweet, chocolatey and melt-in-your-mouth - these little balls are a great snack whenever a sweet craving hits!
  • Biscoff Twist Buns

    Move over cinnamon rolls! Here's a new recipe that will be loved by all ages. The fluffy buns, the sweet filling, the glistening glaze and the lovely aroma right after baking will have you head over heels.
  • Chocolate Pumpkin Breakfast Mousse Pots

    Dessert for two, please! This is an easy recipe to try especially of you want to take a break from smoothies. Trifles are delicious, sweet and a textural delight. Munch on your favourite crunchy granola with this pumpkin and chocolate concoction.