Coconut bowls

How are Coconut Bowls Made

Our coconut bowls are an eco-friendly product of nature and that's how we intend to keep them. Our bowls are a gift from the earth which is why we don't brand them.

Did you know that billions of coconut shells harvested for the coconut oil, coconut water and coconut meat industries are discarded and burned as waste each year? Can you imagine the unnecessary damage this is causing to the environment?

We reclaim our coconuts from coconut plantations after the meat and water have been extracted. These coconuts are then hand-crafted into bowls by our workshop who cut, clean and polish the bowls before they are finished with virgin coconut oil. 

Each Coconut Bowl is 100% unique, with its own size, shape, colour and markings. Making them one in a billion, just like you. When you buy a Coconut Bowl, nobody else in the whole world will have a bowl the same as you.

Everything tastes and looks better out of a coconut bowl.

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